Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2012


I wish sometimes I could share my happiness with others...

 The feeling of warm sun on your skin, music in your ears and mountains on the horizon
 All this little in between. Sparks of colour. Reminder that time changes and moves on constantly but that it also provides space and opportunities for new things to happen...
 I could either see 6 lines in front of our house, noise and litter...
 But you can also see flowers, black and shiny crow feathers on your way...
And and endless blue sky

Happiness inside your stomach :)

and a bit late, but better late than never: My weekly instagram addiction 
Being up early, road trip pizza at steamworks, cooking with friends, my mornings, persuaded someone to buy a kindle, Canada place, leaving ships, nails, that or that or maybe that :P, lunch, new things, old things, sushi with my class on Friday, daily lunch, yum fries, home ♥

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