Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2012

From old routines to new routines

I was thinking of how fast something new can become routine and normal (again) in your life. A bit more than two month ago I couldn't even believe that my trip to Canada was true. I mean, I wasn't really leaving right!? And now it seems like I woke up in my bed here for like forever.

The sun flooding my room is definitely one of my favourites. During the week it takes longer now, to happen, since the sunrise is a bit later each day. But I wake up to a sun flooded room every day of my weekend. And I get to see the mountains every morning while I have breakfast in my room.

On another thing, I didn't really realize how obsessed I am with my bus stop. But I have tons of pictures of it at every imaginable weather and cloud constellation. And after all, I get to pass this spot at least twice a day.

My bus is the 22nd and it takes me about 30 minutes to go Downtown. Sometimes the bus is packed with people so you can just merely squeeze in yourself and your bag. But sometimes it's empty enough to sneak into one of the blue seats. I like the colours of the buses here (Yellow and Blue) and I love my way Downtown, first through all those houses, all a bit different from each other, than through some industry area (I always find some cool spots I'd love to take pictures in with a certain picture obsessed friend ;)), through Chinatown with all the red and the brick walls, tiny shops, a bit green from the park and sparks of different colours on every corner and finally a bit through downtown down West Pender St until it's time for me to step out of the bus.
(Jep I'm obsessed with colours...sorry...)

I love how quick you find certain places you'd always come back to (even if it start to be quite freezing...)

...or certain things you would always do again and again (Well, you need to warm up somehow, right!?)

Or some things which will never change. Like making your nails a bit more colourful each day ;)

I love the feeling to be close to the sea and close to so many huge mountains. To know that there are raccoons, skunks, bears, dear...outside there. See that autumn here is that just as beautiful as it is back home.
But also to always know, that even if this time here is beautiful and new and exciting, there are always family and friends waiting for me at home and a different but just as beloved routine as well as new challenges I will come back to when my time here ends. And I'm thankful for everything I am going to experience until it's time to go back home :)

Enough of deep thoughts for now. I'll promise!!. And (btw) if you have any questions about anything here, feel free to ask :) (otherwise I'll just go on posting in my random sort of way...)
Greetings Jo :)

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