Donnerstag, 11. Oktober 2012

My Monday {Thanksgiving}

As I just mentioned before I never ever had Thanksgiving before. So this year, surprisingly, I ended up with having two!
First I got invited by a really really awesome friend of mine (she reads my blog sometimes! So Hi there!! ;)) on Sunday and than, my family had Thanksgiving on Monday. It was interesting to see how different and yet similar those two feast were. I'm grateful for both.

So my families Thanksgiving was on the actual day of Thanksgiving, Monday the 8th. But it wasn't just Monday the 8th, it was also the day of my first Interview, here in Canada. Come to say: My first interview ever. (Jep and this is a reason to freak out! So true. Thank you)

So I spent my Monday morning with reading helpful(?) tips and tricks ( though it just turned out the way I was afraid it would turn out: I didn't need any of them), making myself ready and mainly trying to subdue my nervousness. I was meeting a friend before since the weather was beautiful and I couldn't get anything in my head anymore anyway.
Here we were. My nervous self downtown. I had brought my camera just in case I needed distraction (which I totally did!) and I found this awesome bookstore by accident
more on it later :)
I than had to go to H&M unwillingly. One fact more about me: I pretty never ever wear tights! Why? Because I wear them once and I can throw them away (I get ladders in my tights always). I actually had bought those once I was wearing on that particular day at American Apparel for a lot of money (hence: They would hold longer. They did not!) So back to cheap H&M tights...

My friend arrived after that and we had a coffee at Starbucks passing our time until it was time for me to go.

On our way. There is something about shoes in Vancouver, that you find them everywhere. But definitely not where you'd expect them to be...

And I got my Internship! Just like that! ;) YAY!

So we headed back home (with someone really jumpy and smiley)...and had Thanksgiving with my host family :)

Our table :)
Still dressed up from the Interview :)
My host parents
Someone asked me to take a picture of all those shoes we go!
Our new student Pasc cutting her pies (and I had three pieces of this awesome chocolate one!!! I should stop complaining about gaining wonder why!)
And I learned how to play pool that night as well!
I'm so filled up with happiness I'd probably would burst ;) So I say thank you to everyone I met here so far for making it one of the best times in my whole life♥

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