Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2012

Random Tuesday Night Activities {ice cream heaven}

The three of us, my older host brother Paul, my roommate Pascaline and me, end up having dinner together more often than usual lately. It normally ends up with discussion about pretty much everything. So we were sitting at the table and just had finished dinner (Really Yum by the way! Meat, Veggies and chicken-pastry-something) when Paul announced: "Let's go and have ice cream"

Just so you know, I might have mentioned it before but I'll just do it again: It's freezing right now. Like 2°C in the morning (and probably at night, but who knows). It was around 6:30PM. A random time to eat ice cream...

But(!) You can always eat ice cream, right? ;)

So ice cream eating we went :D

Welcome to heaps and heaps of awesome flavours and even more awesome toppings, and sauces, and sprinkles, and waffles ♥

And it's not just like you get your normal ice cream in a cone. You can choose your cone (or just take a normal cup). Than, either take one of the recommendations (which I did) or mix it by yourself (which Paul and Pasc did): Ice cream flavour and toppings, and sauce and whatever you want. Pure happiness ;)
And they just mix it together for you. Sooooooooo good!!!! 
Mine (Cheesecake with Oreos and Cookie Dough and chocolate fudge sauce!!!)
Paul's (Red Velvet with Oreos and Crunch)

Haha ice cream definitely leads to funny pictures ;)
Iceliciousness ♥
And Waffliciousness :)
I did mention the funny pictures, didn't I!? :P
I highly recommend random Ice cream store visits on cold nights on Tuesday (well they don't have to be cold. And it doesn't have to be a Tuesday. But I guess you understood the concept)
Wonderful Wednesday to everyone ;)
Oh and most important: The link to the store ;)  Marble Slab

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