Donnerstag, 18. Oktober 2012

Cloudy Thursday

I finally found a pattern for my days and weeks. It varies (still) but it feels like I'm really here now (which makes two month in total to adapt...).

A rainy downtown night
I love autumn for all those colours...
On the bus
Makes me think of warm and cozy mornings in France ♥
The biggest smiley face ever for a really hard working main class ;)
And my favourite bus stop....though I think everyone there thinks I'm weird since I keep on making pictures pretty much every single morning...sorry for everyone who sees me there!
Otherwise it was test-week again. I had my first Yoga class ever on Sunday (and I might get addicted to it). I also really really need to buy some rubber boots and some legwarmers (and maybe another warm sweater) since it starts being quite cold. And all in all I think I might just stay here forever ;)


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