Montag, 15. Oktober 2012

DIY {calender}

Despite everything what is new and beloved here I miss being able to craft as often and with whatever I want to. I miss it a lot actually. It sort of moves over to other things (Have a look at my calender for example. It's crazy. I'm actually proud that I still can find my appointments in the mess of doodles, graphics, sentences and whatever else...) or at my constantly changing nails (I should SO have brought all my nail colours with me...not only 4...) well I guess you learn stuff, right?

So I'm thankful for every opportunity that pops up for me, to get around to be a bit creative again. This time it was for my teacher.
I was just doodling in my calender again  and she made that comment on how cool it would be to have a calender just like mine (well not that cool but whatever).
I made her one. Fun times :)

So here you go with an easy peasy calender tutorial....(just because I feel not just like making stuff but actually I also feel like posting stuff I made :P It's not really really a tutorial....)

You'll need:
  • a book (any size/shape/
  • a pen
  • optional: ruler and marks
Busy streets while I worked...

1. Spare your first page for personal information 2. (which should actually be 3. -.-) get a bit creative ;) 3. (our actual 2.) Decide on a design for your pages. Either have one page for one week, or two for one or one pager per day, make it simple or fancy, or, or, or (endless possibilities on that one) 4. I added tags to distinguish the months 5. Add a few notes/lists/plans 6. Make a label
Easy peasy as it is :)

Starbucks is awesome to be at!

Nothing fancy but definitely useful ;)


  1. ...ich glaube ich mach jetzt auch einen :)

  2. I like your idea. A great way to write down DIY ideas!

    My DIY-Blog:


  3. Ich mache mir auch immer meinen Taschenkalender selbst :D Ich mache immer nur ca. 3 Wochen um dazwischen Platz zu haben für Kritzeleien und längere Notizen.

    1. Die selbstgemachten sind einfach die besten oder?! :D Ja so ein konzept hatte ich auch schon (jede woche und dann eine seite zum kleben) aber irgendwie brauche ich momentan mehr platz zum schreiben ^^'