Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012

Day 50 {The day I got my Piercing}

I know I keep repeating myself but it really really smells like autumn every morning now. Actually it smelt like winter this morning. Crisp air...
I love the view from my bus stop. I can see all the way down to down town, grouse mountain and North Van. This morning, only downtown was bathed in sun, everything else was more or less gray. I still love it.
Apparently we are really lucky with the weather right now. It is the driest period since 30(!?) years. Which made me think of: I only had two days of rain since I arrived in Raincouver...not that bad, isn't it?

Anyway. I didn't have to make a sprint to catch the bus this morning, but was able to catch it just in time and even got a seat to sit. Score!
School was just like everyday (though I love but my mood somehow changed in my Elective class. And definitely not to its own improvement. So we were sort of stuck after school. What do you do when you feel blah? Get your friends to persuade you to go down to the water! And what do you do there? Right! Find a starfish!...I'm really easily entertained ;)

My mood was good again for sure. But here's this thing with me: I normally come up with stuff quite quick and I normally decide on things just as quick as well. This time it was getting a piercing...
poor people around me ;)

My journey on how I got my piercing
Since we didn't really knew where we could go, someone came up with the idea to go to the tourist information. Poor information. I sort of saved them by asking someone who was selling tickets inside the building. We got our map but had to make a stop first at a certain place for someones craving for sweet things in the afternoon ;)

Not mine though ;P
Another thing I forgot to mention and which I love about Vancouver are all those really really friendly people. So while we were buying our lemon coconut thing our Barista actually turned out to be from Germany as well. And being an open person to people in general, I introduced her to our quest of fining a piercing store. Which led us just up Granville in general (left side though! Thank you Blenz Barista girl!).
Up and up and up and the more scary part...
I have to admit I was sort of nervous at this point. But sometimes that's ok in life.
The store turned out to be a really good find (can you say that?). Nice, open and friendly people! And half an hour later we had a happy someone and slightly shocked friends (but in a good way).
And what's the lesson of this story? Never ever judge anyone for their outer appearance and don't think that you can't turn a boring day into an exciting one ;)


  1. My sweetie, first i was completely shocked but then i saw your schnuckelear with this nice ring in it: it's awsome!!!!!
    Your blog brings your life so far away so near to me, I'm with you Ati ;)
    <3 <3 <3 Hilde

    1. Haha thank you! :) I really miss you all a lot! Looking forward to see you again :) <3