Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2012

SK instead of DK {The Burger Edition}

So Sunday was DK Time again. Which means meeting a group of awesome girls and cook and bake together! Sounds good doesn't it? And it is good for sure ;)
Chopping up the Onions for sweet maple onions
Measuring up ingredients
Doesn't this already look awesome?!
Don't say that girls can't handle a knife!
Salad from Anna :)
Four girls in the kitchen...lucky I was being busy taking pictures outside the kitchen ;)
Kat's Yum Fries. Being turned around half time through...
Someone's really serious about their job :)
Carly's Vegan Milkshake...really really good!!!
Colleen teaching us on how to cut Avocados...apparently we messed it up the last time :P
Can you find me?
Burgers ♥
Ready to go!
And I think it was definitely worth all the cutting and chopping!!! Really really yum!
That along with chatting, laughing, design pages, blogs, photos and Toby ;)

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