Samstag, 17. Dezember 2011

more masking tape

Ok. So I'm not just crazy about crafting but also about craft supplies. I seriously think there is nothing better than shopping for craft supplies; pens, scissors, ribbons, doilies and so on. I love it!

Three months ago I discovered washi tape. It's colourful and fun to work with, and usable for pretty much everything. To come to a point. Unfortunately, it isn't cheap. So I had to wait for an occasion when I could afford some more. This turned out to be Christmas. I got some Christmas money from my grandpa and couldn't resist spending it on more masking tape.

I bought it and passed it on to my mum so she can wrap it again. But it was seriously fun to open the parcel (I know this doesn't sound logical, but I bought some tape with my own money and some with my grandpa's. I had to remove those that were bought with my own money. Logical, isn't it? Not only that but I just couldn't resist opening). And I do love it. And shopping for it of course. So I thought I would share my happiness :)

The shop is already linked (right side) but I just link it again because I love it (I said that a lot didn't I?):
nauli-loves thank you (again) :)

Just on a side note: We do have 2 PM and I already did the laundry (most of it) cleaned and cleared. 
Though I still have to go to shop for groceries and I still have to learn for my math exam on Monday. But hey! Doesn't it already sound like a good day. Amd for a change: The sun is shining :)

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