Freitag, 18. Mai 2012

Weekly photos and bribery

"I got my monthly "I don't want to do anything" mood back. But guess what? I'm prepared.

So when it hit me in the morning I straight went here and here digging for inspirations and made this plan:

If I...
a) ...learn as much as possible this morning
b) ...follow my To-Do List (lists would be more appropriate. I now have a book just for my lists to keep track of them...)
c)...get my good mood and normal-sunny-self back...

I'm allowed to either watch a movie or paint some of my clothes or do something with all my little potteries or make a card or..(well you get the idea) in the afternoon.
That's something lo live after!"

This is (above) what I wrote in the morning.

What reality looked like:
I had a reason for feeling grumpy.
I lost my To-Do-book.
I spent the morning with sleeping, eating and scrolling through blogs.

I ate all the cookies...

And I feel horrible now (not really. I just needed one day of doing nothing)

But: I'm going to do all the worked I've planned to do now! (Pinky Promise to myself. Especially with a banana-chocolate-milkshake by my side! (Just mix together: One banana, milk and chocolate ice cream. Yum!!)) I'll just skip the reward-yourself-part.
Figure it out....

weekly photos...

 Und für alle die gerne gute Brote essen: Der absolute Brotebelag-Königinnen-Anweisungs-Tip ;)

Der Fitmacher:

 In der folgenden Reihenfolge schichten:
  • Obazda
  • Käse(am besten einfacher Ziegen-Scheiben-Käse)
  • Avocado
  • körniger Frischkäse
  • Frischkäse
  • Avocado ("gemantscht")
  • Mojo Verde 
  • Salat
  • Radischen Scheiben
  • Ziegen-Scheiben-Käse
Guten Appetit! :)

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