Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2012

The crane project

Because I missed colour and kindness so often I came up with the crane project.
It so often happened to me that people I smiled at or kindly greeted just looked weirdly back at me.
It makes me sad that simple things like kindness and a sense for others get lost these days.

So I wanted to invent something to bring it back. Something small I could manage but that would bring some attention as well.
So I started folding cranes. (Sort of. I already loved it so I just went with it anyway)

Cranes stand for vigilance and wisdom. In Japan it's also a symbol for longevity and luck. According to an old legend, you'll get one wish free if you fold 1000 cranes (so keep you're fingers crossed. There are only about 956 missing...) ;)
It was especially this legend that thrilled me as a kid. I always imagined myself in a room filled with hundreds and hundreds of cranes.

Anyway. So I started folding cranes. Each crane gets a little message written on its wings and then I sent them flying at public places.
It certainly adds colour but it also adds attentiveness and openness if you're willingly to be open.

The plan is to do this once in every city I pass. Maybe it will inspire people or just remind them of simple but important.

Every city will get its own post and I'll sum them up with one photo and a direct link in my "crane" section (above).

So here we go.

I started with my hometown since I was super excited and unsure. I don't know if it's the same with you, but going to a public place and hanging cranes on trees is not something I did before. (Therefore, my fingers trembled like crazy!)
However I managed it :)

Try something new

Make a compliment :)
The next day all but two of my cranes were gone. I'd like to imagine that people took them to remind themselves of something colourful and nice. Maybe they put it in their room?!

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