Freitag, 4. Mai 2012

Friday photos {different}

My week in photos...but different this week :)

It's so hot outside, though the weather is supposed to change this evening. I sort of feel blah and still need to find my way out of this, so as a start I went through my photos.
I'm surprised every time that all those things actually happened this week . Somehow it gets stretched out in my mind or I simply forget things. This is another thing I love about photography. It helps you remember.

My week started with a little project done for a good friend of mine. It did not went the way it was supposed. Since I'm "Blah" it does not really matter...
To extend my cultural knowledge we had a music-improve-your-horizon-evening connected with a fun picnic before (only adults. Turned out they are not that different ;)....)
I got around to improve my "Affenalarm" skills on Monday (and also watched my first Indiana Jones movie!!) the youngest one was not scared at all, however I was constantly watching him instead of all those scary stuff. Turned out this fact was highly amusing...
I trip with my dad on Tuesday ♥
My last gym class ever! on Wednesday
An improvement in our snack-habits on Thursday
And feet on Friday
What also did happen this week:

They started blooming finally! YAY!
And I made a collection of brown. Turned out there was not really anything that was "brown" more like shades of orange, ocher, grey....
I hope you don't feel blah.
Happy Friday

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