Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2012

Running {a race through life}

Life is a little bit tough right now with all the upcoming exams, travels and events. It sort of feels like you stand at the start of a big race, not knowing how long it will go and where to go at all. So I ran. Like literally (I went jogging). It didn't feel like running away but more like steadying my overflowing thoughts and get a grip on them.
I turned the volume of my iPod up (up up) and ran.

Along the way I could feel all the exhaustion flowing away and my thoughts were stopped by my music for once.
The last part, I stopped and walked slowly without music. It gave me time to go through different things in my head and to "braid" my thoughts.

I also had to think about this whole blogger thing. The thing that keeps most people away is the fact that you share "private" things. Which made me think: Are they so private at all?
I mean: Do you really know a person at all? Sometimes I get the feeling I don't even know myself, so how could anybody else claim that they would know me (Especially by getting the information that I went for a walk...)?!
I went further in my trail of thoughts and ended up, by picturing me while I walk.

Anyway. I think I got my "fight-mode" back again. And isn't life also about the tough parts!? Who wouldn't like a good competition anyway.
So back to life.

(However I still might change my room again. Just so it fits my "new me". And also make a "thinking-map" to keep track of my thoughts...)
Btw: I totally recommend those thinking-maps!! Just start with your main thought and spread out according to your emerging thoughts like a mind map!)

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