Montag, 14. Mai 2012

DIY: Display for your earrings

In our little household my mum's the chaotic one. She leaves everything were she just put it (which ends in an endless searching for keys/maps/bags...). I'm the one who loves everything clean and tidy.
(Just like our telephone. She always leaves it right next to our water boiler. One day we will have a hot boiled/bathed telephone...great!)
But this is also what I like about my mum. She has character! :)

Anyway. A new week and my learning-schedule officially started today (well the one in my head). Exactly two weeks until my exams. Two weeks. Two subjects. I'll rock it (hopefully...I'll do!)

But since I need something to brighten up my mood (and what could be better than colour and fabric and DIY!?): So here we go with fun and self-made :)

Something to put your earrings on

I had the idea one year ago and made a version that did not last long. Now, (after a request) I made a longer lasting one and since it looks good, is easy to make and does not need any special equipment I thought I share it.

You'll need:
  • pins
  • canvas
  • fabric
  • stapler
  • tongs
  • and (if you want to make it cute): a plastic bag, masking tape, a label and ribbon
You can either use one fabric or mix and match. If you use different ones I recommend sewing them together.
Lay it on your canvas and use your stapler to fix it. (I used her idea. She did it with wallpaper but fabric does just work fine as well).

For your "hooks" use your two tongs and your pins. Curve the pins like a baited hook (well they do look like this, don't they?!).

If you want it pretty, put your hooks into the plastic bag (Cut to your preferred size) seal it with masking tape and label it.

There will never ever be any rummaging through earring-drawers/boxes/..!

I wish you all a wonderful monday. I'll go back to my study books....yay...-.-

Btw: Just in case you are curious: I made this cake as a mother's-day-cake and I can only highly highly recommend it :D

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