Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2012

Being 19

I never really considered my age as a topic since it never occurred to me in any special way. But recently, it certainly did (probably because of all the learning. Learning makes me think a lot about things I normally don't think about in order to prevent thinking about my actual studies....).

Well. I'm 19.Left those 18 behind me but not yet 20.
And may I just say: 19 is exhausting.

It is this whole uncertainty about everything. You're done with school (well, nearly) Your life lies in front of you offering you everything.
But what to choose? What will it bring? What's the right way?
And apart from all of this (I mean, everyone tells you that your decisions are not lifetime decisions...well some people do...)
And then for all those moods: One moment you're ready to conquer the world (Job? Work? Children? Family? Give me everything! At once!) and the next moment everything is a huge mess inside your head (Family? I don't even have a boyfriend!)

Trust me: This whole hormone-Up-and-Down can be quite exhausting.

So 19 is hard.
But you're old enough to realize...
This too shall pass.

And before making it an even messier mess than it already is:
  • dye your hair (Hey! You're 19! No one cares!)
  • do something you never did before (And there are endless possibilities)
  • Try some funny things (Like meditating. Good, since it also calms your giddy self)
  • ...

Only important: Don't drown yourself in this gray and dark episode.
Get out your sketch book, your video collection, your phone book. Call someone. Make cocktails with friends. Make a cool and extraordinary photo shoot (Who cares about pimples? We have picasa!!).
It is important to remember that all this is a part of your life.
Enjoy it.
We only have one.

And we are 19 only once

Well that was an age appropriate post, wasn't it?! :) And I did dye my hair. Dip-Dyed it. Red :)

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