Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012

Make your own: Elderflower syrup {Holunderblütensirup}

I promised some cool posts so here we go :)

This is probably one of my favourite posts yet because it is a favourite part of my childhood. I never did it myself back than but it was something we always had and I remember the joy of drinking sparkling sweet and self made lemonade. Especially because we did not have much juice around our house so this was something special.
Elder flowers grow everywhere around here also it got harder to find some in the last couple of years.
So I guess we just start ;)

Jep. That's a lot of sugar. But after all your making syrup.
You'll also need a large, large, laaarge cooking pot and empty bottles at the end of the week.
Start with two liter of water. Bring to a boil and pour in your sugar. Bring to a boil again. Be careful: Boiling sugar water has a way higher temperature than boiling water!
While your sugar mixture will need some time to get hot enough, wash your organic lemons under hot water and slice them.
Free your elderflower umbels from the thickest parts of there stems:

 When your sugar water is boiling add your elderflower umbels and lemons.

Let boil for a short period (this is actually not requested but my mum and I do it to make sure that everything is clean and healthy). Turn off the heat, close with a lid and let it stay for one day. Pour in your Vitamin C powder stir and leave the mixture to draw for another six days.

After six days. Comes the actual "work" part ;)
First I usually filter it with a large kitchen strainer. If you want to make it absolutely clean use a towel (put it inside your strainer. It will take some time but it will be absolutely clean afterwards). Anyway I don't mind little flower leftovers.

btw: You don't have to throw away the soaked lemons. They are great in any chocolate cake or muffin!

Bring your, now lemon and flower free mixture, to a boil. While doing this wash your bottles by pouring in boiling water.  I place my lids in an extra mug with boiling water.

When the syrup boils, fill it in your bottles. I always make a few smaller ones to give away as a present. (Be careful again: once by pouring out your hot water and second by pouring in your syrup. This stuff is extremely hot!)

And you're done :)
Enjoy it mixed with simple water or, for all grown ups, some champagne :)

And our peonies started blooming!!!! I just love my life :)

I wish you all a wonderful day. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask :)

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