Donnerstag, 3. Mai 2012

Project Advice

I came up with this idea a couple of weeks ago. I also got pretty emotional while writing it. I don't see it as dramatic as I did but I thought I leave it as it is so it stays real.
So here we go...

I’ve been thinking a lot about being kind and helping others recently (It does not mean I don't think about this stuff normally!).

When I found out about the ‘Pass it forward’ project, I was thrilled. The idea to create cards with an invitation to do one good deed and pass them along. I loved the idea. However it is copyrighted. If I want to pass those cards (or something similar) I have to purchase a set of ten for 2,50$.
I understand that people want to be paid for their ideas. I respect that people want to protect their ideas.
Somehow, I still did not want to buy cards with which I wanted to pass joy, help and kindness. I thought of "A raisin in the sun" where Walter Lee's mum would say "So now it's life. Money is life. Once upon a time freedom used to be life". I know it's a bit dramatic, but this is my point of view. I'd respect any other.
So, since they were copyrighted and I did not want to buy them I needed to come up with my own idea.

Sometimes I feel that our modern days do not just bring benefits but the lost feeling of not being able to find something new; something that wasn't there before. I do appreciate all the benefits it brings as well - of course! Where would I be without inspiration?!

So, here I was, still with my thought about something new. Something were I would not break any copyright law. Something were I could still pass kindness, help and joy. And I also wanted to preserve something of what people had given. Not in a material way but something that was important for them, like advice.

I think advice is a kindness on its own. It's a thought someone formulates with the idea of love and protection.
I also think that advice from elders (or any other) is important and should be preserved.

So here is my project.

Nine notebooks. Lots and lots of empty pages. The first people I'll give them to will hopefully pass the along.

I don't know if it's new.
I don't know if someone has already started something like that.
I'm pretty sure someone did.
It's like with this question:

- "Do you believe that there are others, out there in universe"
- "Would be quite a waste if it would be just us in the great wide endlessness"
(It's from a movie. I just don't know which one)

I really hope they get passed on.
A quote. A photo. A moment worth remembering. Something you've learned.

My advice to start all three of them:

Let go and welcome new

I provided the possibility to take a photo of the written (scribbled, painted...) page and sent it to me. Every picture will be posted and listed on an extra page (see above: Project advice).
Maybe it will find its way to your home. If so, I hope you pass it along as well.

Just to keep it real...this is what my table looked after I was done with all the glue-work and cutting...

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