Montag, 21. Mai 2012

DIY: Little hanging magnet garden

Wow this is a late post but still better than no post at all, isn't it? ;)

The learning-exam-nervousness totally caught me so I'm up late trying to get all those philosophers and there theories in my head (kind of squishy up there...)
Anyway. What could be better to get your head organised than a little and fun DIY project.

I actually really did this while studying, since it needed some time to dry (the project!). And I also got around to use some of the random stuff I collected or could not throw away for any other reason (thumbs up for this one).
So here we go:

Hanging magnet garden

You'll need:
  • piece of wood (mine was about 17x25 cm...something like that)
  • little flowerpots
  • hand drill
  • twine
  • glue
  • scissors
  • mini (strong) magnets
  • white and black paint
  • some cardboard
  • cutter
  • sanding paper
(that sounds much but it's actually not. I had everything on hand and was just using random things)
Start with sanding your piece of wood.

Apply your first coat of white paint, let it dry, sand again and apply another coat of white paint. First round is done.

As you can see in picture two, I had a crazy idea about a big sized stamp...
Just skip this step!

So at the end I just cut a simple triangle out of my cardboard. My super holding construction did not work out either. The paint worked as a sort of glue and I had to use my fingers to get it off again.
So: Grab your triangle, some black paint and don't be afraid to get some colour on your fingers!

(I also painted my edges black) Let it dry.

(See why this was amazing to do in between of some learning sessions?! :D)

Now stick on your little magnets. Use your hand drill to make holes (I checked the position with my tiny flowerpots first.)

 Let dry completely.

(We are nearly done!)
Seal your flowerpots (I used Pattafix). Tie them on with your twine. The way I did it, my flowerpots are easily removed so I can replant them as often as I want.
Put in some nice succulents.
And enjoy! :)

And wouldn't it be great on your fridge? Or any other magnet board in your house? I certainly do love mine :) (Also: colours, shape and size are...of course...totally optional. I had some pink in mind but, oh well...I just like it black and white...)

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