Dienstag, 1. Januar 2013


What I might want to do next year...
  1. Change my hair color
  2. Move out
  3. Find a job
  4. Start university
  5. Laugh a lot
  6. Do spontaneous things
  7. Have a summer party
  8. Surprise someone
  9. Make a memory quilt
  10. Be active/sportive
  11. Discover India
  12. Be honest
  13. Cook more (and try out new things!)
  14. Make a first dinner in my own kitchen
  15. Cuddle with my cat
  16. Host a game night
  17. Do something I'm scared of (well...guess I'm doing that all the time anyway :P)
  18. Go swimming in a lake
  19. Hike through the woods
  20. Have a picnic
  21. Get rid of stuff I've been holding on too long
  22. Be more aware
  23. Do a barbecue
  24. Invite friends to stay over
  25. make the best out of whatever might come :)

Happy New Year 
And thanks to everyone who made this year as awesome as it was