Montag, 21. Januar 2013

Getting adjusted to old things {And including new things}

So I'm finally back in Germany. It took me quite a few days (I left on Sunday and arrived Monday morning (last week)) and I still feel a bit...out of place. I hope this will get better with time. Otherwise...four more weeks and I'm gone again anyway (see: My India trip for two and a half month it coming up now!! So excited!...well actually I still didn't get it. I mean: India!!!)

So. First thing I did was getting rid of stuff. And I mean it. I got rid of four huge bags filled with stuff, a ginormous pile of clothes (about 2/3 of all my stuff), about 7-8 pairs of shoes(!!) and more smaller stuff e.g. books, nail polish(!), creative stuff etc.
Living half a year at another place really helped me reflect on what I actually need and what I'm just accumulating.
And, quite ironically, half a year also shows you things you definitely can't live without anymore. Quite frankly, the second day in, my craving for peanut butter got so big I headed out, bought peanut butter (which took me super long because I couldn't find it first!) and made peanut butter chocolate chip bars. Warmed up in the microwave with vanilla ice cream. Oh Yumminess!
And I'm so did not use our electric mixer, because: Believe it or not, I sort of grew to love baking without all those electric devices (well I thought so...doing it again and actually breaking our whisk might have changed my mind again, but hello more defined arms muscles :D)
(I'll post the recipe and pictures later...but believe it or not: It already has been three times this year I made the recipe but they never lasted long enough for a picture...though a fourth time will be there soon!)

Everything outside is covered in snow now and it's freezing cold. My friend went to watch her little brother play hockey (can you believe I didn't know we had hockey in Germany before I went to Canada. I had to GO to CANADA to find this out!!anyway...randomness...)

And since it's not a nice post without some nice we go:

I went to see one of my best friends on Friday...and we had to make apple crumble (after it became sort of a family story how I couldn't stop eating it the first time we made it. Quite embarrassing....though hot apple crumble with ice cream does that to me :P)

Saturday I went to see another really really good friend and we attempted our first homemade lasagna ever! It turned out pretty good! (when I think about it, I pretty much just cooked and baked and met friends the last couple of days...figure)
Kinda gross! What we found in our frozen spinach....

Where I am right's snowing (and freezing)
But it depends all on how you look at things...and coffee sort of does improve pretty much everything

On other terms: I miss Canada badly! The city, the atmosphere, people...pretty much everything. I'm really looking forward to what this year might still bring. You never know...

Otherwise: Applying for my India Visa right now and trying to find a job for the remaining four weeks. Wish me luck!

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