Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013

Countdown {And no, I'm not good in choosing suitable titels...I know}

Making the best out of my last week means...

...spending some time at bus stops obviously waiting for the bus...gray clouds!
Being happy about small a place on the bus at one of the big windows!
Using a Christmas present and attending my first massage! (I guess I made a total fool of myself since I didn't know how the whole thing works (seriously...what do you wear, where do you go, do you talk during your massage, hair up do....? I never thought there was so much to a massage!!)...but oh well, that's probably a must-be for any firsts :P)
I spent a wonderful sister-afternoon watching Life of Pi and being treated with the worlds best Cheesecake ♥

And I beat someone at Jenga (never underestimate 5 years of babysitting and Jenga battles! Ha! Pride is saved!) And I obviously goofed around quite a bit
But besides all the fun and the smiles it's also reality that someone breaks into more and more frequent cry-episodes. I hope I can hold it together though. Did I mention I don't like Goodbye's at all...!?


  1. Wah.. Abschied sagen ist immer schwer... :/
    Ich denke an dich!
    Liebe Grüße, Hanna

  2. Lovely blog! You've got it right, finding joy in the little sitting my the big window on the bus or eating fantastic cheesecake with a friend (now I'm craving cheesecake;) the way to go. :) And I had to laugh a little at the massage part of this post...I was totally the same way when I got my first massage! Hair up or down? Do I talk and chat or stay silent while we listen to the sometimes odd meditation music. ;) Hope you enjoyed it though!