Montag, 28. Januar 2013

My Monday {baking with the girls}

It's getting warmer here, so while I took a 2 hours night walk yesterday (accompanied with ice rain) everything was slowly starting to defrost today. (Yay for the chance to get outside for runs again!)

So much for a random start. Anyway, we had scheduled a girls baking afternoon today.
There is nothing more fun and relaxing than friends in a kitchen, some tea and time to talk and gossip about everything that's going on in life (and stuff that's supposed to go on. Maybe more on that later).

Two teas and one coffee. Girls stuff to talk about. One recipe and heaps (tons :P) of chocolate
Beloved people starting to get organized for some serious sweet stuff (No joke here. The recipe turned out as sweet as probably nothing I had made before!!)
A lot of white chocolate was involved...that's just part of it...
Haha me studying the recipe (Am I the only one or do those angles make you feel weird about yourself..guess it's because I don't get to see myself from this perspective that often...)
More talking. More chocolate.
Oh excuse me. Butter, honey and chocolate it was.
And because we're an impatient bunch....the cake was sentenced to an outside stay to cool down faster. Quite mean I know. (There was still enough snow for that as you can see.)
I guess we could/should have waited longer...but oh well ;)
Our result: Chocolate with chocolate and chocolate on top (and some minor quantities of oats, honey and cream)
 I wish you all a beautiful Monday and an awesome start into your week!!

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