Samstag, 5. Januar 2013

Not so random Friday night activities {Back to ice cream heaven}

Remember this post?
Well I requested a second turn before I'll leave next week and as it turned out, we were all at home at a random Friday night so bring on the ice cream!!!

We tried to trick our new Chinese student into believing we would have to walk for one and a half hours first. It did not stop him in his intentions of joining us. And of course...we did not walk ;)

It was raining (more of a fact than something I would complain about. And btw: I like rain!) The advantages of having a car ;)
Most difficult is to decide for which flavour your going this time...soooo much too choose from (and am attentive older host brother helping to decide is definitely helpful...for new students :P)
Peanut butter, mint, chocolate, fruits, crunch, brownies, cookie dough....

But we finally all came up with suitable flavour combinations!

Smiiiiiile :)
An inevitable ice-cream-spoon photo
Find happiness within. In my case coffee-ice-cream-happiness with oreos and cookie dough ♥
And was all gone way to soon
A good way to close my last day of work and start my last full weekend in my favorite city!

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