Dienstag, 1. Januar 2013

01.01.2013 {Waking up to sunshine}

I woke up to the sun, shining through my curtains. What does this do to me. A huuuuge smile for the rest of the day!
(Careful: Photo overload ahead!)

But the sun was not just shining through my curtains...
Passing a surprised host dad I ran out...in my flip flops...yeeeah...I ran back again...
Standing in front of our door...
And walking down the few steps...on the street...in piyamas...oh well
Passing small in betweens...
And crossing the street...
Take a look back
But what's in front of you is soo much better! ...my bus :P

How I love this place ♥
Frost and sunshine
Warm Jackets
Pressed so many times
And going back...
Up the steps....
 I did mention I love this place, didn't I!? Random morning activities on the 1st January 2013.


  1. Hey, that view is worth going outside in jammies!

    1. Haha true (thanks for understanding :P) and I guess all those car drivers didn't really mind either :D
      <3 Jo

  2. Hey :)
    Ich bin durch deinen Beitrag auf Praktikawelten auf deinen Blog aufmerksam geworden.
    Ich werde wahrscheinlich auch dieses Jahr nach Kanada gehen und hätte einige Fragen:)
    würdest du mir helfen, diese zu beantworten?
    Liebe Grüße
    Anna-Lena :)))
    Meine Mailadresse wäre: annalena231@web.de