Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2013

New winter sweater {sneak peaks}

I went to buy some winter sweaters with my dad since I was left with one warm one for the cold time here in Germany. Not enough I can tell you!
We also made it to the Sushi shop (yum!) and I applied for my India Visa. If everything works out the way it is supposed to, I'll be able to pick it up next week Tuesday. So now I'm left to get some good ideas on how to actually teach English...
And figure out if I'm going to study in Germany or go back to Canada. Quite a mess, that is left in your head with all these things to think about ;)

It's all freezing cold and snowy white
But we do have warm and cozy (and favorite) coffee shops to warm up
We had to do some shopping...(how I love this place! Back when we were kids, all our favorite stores used to know us and we would get small samples of food everywhere)
New and cozy winter jumpers (ha! I can call it a jumper or a sweater :P)
I had to make some quite difficult decisions on what to get for lunch....
And I couldn't stop taking pictures of random things...but oh well
Do you have things too, messing up with your mind right now? And I totally forgot: This list of things I should pack for India starts messing up with my thoughts too...

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