Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2012

Last days

I don't really feel like giving a recap of this year (Though I've been doing it myself quite a lot over the last couple of days). Just so much: 2012 was crazy, awesome, beautiful, scary, challenging...the best year in my life so far. And I'm thankful for everything that happened.

And to be honest...I'm just going to finish 2012 quiet and lazy. Some time to think, to plan, to recover, to enjoy. And for that I used one of my Christmas gifts this Friday. A gift card for Michael's. Heaven on earth.

For everyone not familiar to Michael's: It's a huge craft store filled with ribbons, baking stuff, tape, pearls, paper, fabric, yarn...pretty much everything you can think of. Thanks for an awesome Christmas gift!! :)

I also looked a bit more into the black dress section. This challenge might have to wait until next year though.

What do you think?
And I watched the hunger games and ate all my Christmas cookies in the evening! (Comfy cozy)

Since things have to be balanced I woke up to sunshine (for the first time in what feels like years) and decided to go for a run. I love how the mountains look now. Beautiful! (Who's in for a snowball fight?!)

Running down to the store. Shopping and walking up.
Oh and just to prove a point of Vancouver-is-so-expensive: I bought 7 bananas, 1 jar of pickles, 1 jar beet root, yogurt and a small pop...and payed 17$!!!! (What would have been like 5 Euro at home, but oh well....)

Here we go with random-end-of-the-week :)

(Oh and I've got a lot of complains that it wouldn't be possible to post comments on my blog, if you know something about that I would be really glad to hear of it!)

Listening to:
Hall Of Fame - The Script
Home -  Phillip Phillips
Die Young - Kesha
Abraham's Daughter - Arcade Fire
Counterfeit - Greg Neufeld
The House - Katie Melua
Red Baloons - Katie Melua

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