Donnerstag, 13. Dezember 2012

My weekend {Only 12 days until Christmas!}

I've been super busy over the weekend, taking advantage of all the free time and working on my (never ending) to-do lists. But I also got time to just stay in bed, to watch old movies, to listen to a lot of Christmas music, to talk with my family and watch 'Community' and to enjoy all this little things which make your life so beautiful! ;)
My room is ready for Christmas!

Some paper cutting...
A bit dark, a bit blurry, but oh well!
All nicely arranged...I do live my colors!
Silver glitter
And my own personal Christmas tree....WITH star on top!
Beautiful Canada ♥
I also started with my top secret Christmas baking. Psssssst.... (and found out: It's all about a) chocolate b) butter and c) sugar!!!!!)

For who ever wants to count: There are 18! chocolate chips not pictured :P
Butter ♥
And I did turn the whole place into a mess....but I also cleaned it up afterwards! ;)

And on Sunday I went to the German Christmas Market in Vancouver with friends, enjoying some Gluehwein and Bratwurst ;).
I should definitely try to make Gluehwein pass on traditions....for cultural purposes only of course!

Now I'm back to my week. A week with a lot of good byes (most people here leave before Christmas) but with some new support down there:

Guess who are mine ♥ YAY!

I'll manage everything ;)


  1. Yay! Update!!! :D Freu!
    "Never ending to do list"...haha, wem sagst du das! XD
    gebacken und dekoriert habe ich auch schon!
    Jetzt muss ich NUR noch geschenke kaufen...XD

    ganz viele liebe Grüße! <3 <3 <3

    1. Jaaa ich weiss, ein bisschen still hier diese Woche :P Und ich muss immer noch den Shopping teil machen UND backen...uiuiui...ich hoffe es haut hin :D

      Wir muessen uns unbedingt mal treffen wenn mein ganzes gereise vorbei ist :P