Samstag, 15. Dezember 2012

Being sick {9 days until Christmas}

This is what I bought on Thursday...right before I went to bed...for 14 1/2 hours (I guess that's sort of a new record for me...)

And that's what Friday looked like...bed, bed and more time in bed...

After another 13 hours of sleep (lots of Dyquil and Nyquil and Vitamin C) I sort of fell better now. Not totally fine yet, but better.
It's snowing outside and I'm trying to squeeze my to do list into my weekend into some less exhausting form...we'll see how that works. I hope none of you got caught by a cold and all your Christmas preparations are going the way they are supposed to.
I'll go back to bed now. See you :)


  1. awwh :( get well soon ! :O
    I've already slept for over 24 hours btw, so you need to break some records there :D. This was when i had a very bad cold about a year ago.
    Btw did you sleep through straight, or did you woke up a few times?

    Anyways ati, Gute Besserung :) Ich hatte letzte Woche auch eine Erkältung die jetzt aber fast vorbei ist- nur ändert das nichts daran, dass ich immer firere... :)

    1. awww thanks...No I slept through it (Nyquil makes you sleepy) I just hope I'm totally fine back on monday ^^'

      Love you ♥