Freitag, 21. Dezember 2012

Vancouver, Canada

So, I thought as a review for 2012, I'd focus on my Canada stay this time...and going through all the posts made me actually realize how much I did. Geez! (And remember: those are only the coming to Vancouver is definitely a good idea...and trying all this stuff out yourself!!!!)

I arrived on the 13.8.2012 at around 11PM...loooong flight and even more hours to wait in between...

We started my summer with some Barbecue on the beach (I love my family!)

Right after that (like I hadn't even completed my first week in Canada!) I participated at the Color Me Rad Race and if you ever get the chance to do it: DO IT!

We went hiking in Lynn Canyon AND did the Grouse Grind!!

More hiking later and discovering that Deep Cove is the best place EVER for Donuts!

The next big thing was Paintballing...tough...but awesome!!

And Vancouver is awesome for berry picking and lazy afternoons at one of the beautiful beaches...together with a bunch of awesome people (In this case my family :D)

And even though I think it's a bit overrated...everyone loves Whistler. (And it's great for a road trip and to get out of the city)

For Thanksgiving I ended up making my very first Pie ever! (And I guess my second one will be better...but it wasn't as bad as I had feared ;P)

Halloween around here is huge!! So you probably won't get around buying a costume (and they are waaay better than the ones in Germany!!!) Pumpkin carving...and house parties ;)

Somewhere in between, it's good to do something random!

And since Vancouver is as close to the border as it gets, we had to see Seattle!

Autumn can be cold...but still beautiful. And we definitely made the most of it and enjoyed the last days with leaves on the trees.

And for Christmas, there had to be a Christmas tree...a nearly real one...and a creative one for myself ;)

Now it's finally winter and we had our first snow this week (not just in the mountains!) There is so much smaller and bigger stuff that happened in between, but I guess (blog-considering) this is a pretty good summary. Vancouver is one of the best things I ever did in my life and the only thing I can say: If you have the possibility to do it: Do it!!
(Oh and if someone has questions, feel free to leave a comment. I'll make sure to answer them ;))

Three days until Christmas and just a couple more and this year will be over.
Time definitely flies by ;)

And more on what my actual week was like on Sunday :)

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