Sonntag, 16. Dezember 2012

Update {Christmas songs and a hot chocolate}

Because I thought an update on my current situation would be nice here we go:

I'm feeling waaaay better after my second day of rest and (less) pills. So while the snow rain is slightly drumming against my window, I'm inside all nice and cozy with my favourit cup of hot chocolate (because nothing warms you up better than a hot chocolate) and nothing feels better than finger prickling from the warmth of the cup you wrap them around.
I can see the whole beauty of the christmas decoration our neighbours from across the street got out (I'll sneek out later to get a decent photo, promise) and I'm looking forward to a nice and cozy evening with a movie and some light christmas preparations.

If I could, I'd send a hot chocolate and some glitter to everyone together with a nice christmas song. Instead you have to go and get it for yourself. But I'll think of you for sure :)

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