Donnerstag, 1. November 2012

Growing up {or whatever}

I think the most important lessons I have learned in the last three month are:

Be honest to yourself about who you are (though it's totally fine to appear a bit different according to several mood changes. They will eventually disappear...otherwise: Sounds old and overused: But you're the most interesting if you're just yourself!)

Smile and Laugh! (It's healthy and there is no other way you'll look beautiful that fast and easy ;))

Dance and listen to (loud) music! (Brightens up any rainy day)

It's never too cold to wear shorts!

And make cozy movie evenings on rainy days! You'll forget about the rain, I promise ;)

...uh and bake!!!! (Highly recommended: bake with peanut butter!♥)

and (a second time) after all: Don't take it too serious ;)

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