Dienstag, 27. November 2012

DIY {phone make over the 3rd}

No crafts for weeks. I know. No one else feels more sad about it than I do. So here we finally go with some craftiness. A small 10 minute project involving only some masking tape and your phone(cover).

I made a cover for my phone this summer, but travelling made me use my phone even more. As a result it fell down. A lot. I put it out and in my pockets. A lot. I had it on hand. Always. So there was this point where all those tiny pieces of foil started to come off. So as much as I loved it, I had to change. Here we go:

Easy peasy lemon squizzy!

Take your phone back off. Wrap it with washi-masking tape. Put the back, back on. Easy as I said.

And all those tiny bits that you'll cut off: So useful for all this tiny stuff you have to stick in your diary/calender/notebook...
Not mind blowing but an easy solution for a tiny bit of color ;)

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