Sonntag, 18. November 2012


So I said I would blog about Seattle separately (and I planned to do it waaays earlier) but adapting to a new life and still balancing it with meeting friends definitely takes up some time. So I've been out and around the last couple of days and just went home to collapse for some sleep before my day would start again.

Anyway. We started super early on Monday (I had to wake up at 6! That is early...for a free day right!?) because our plan was to meet at 7 at the airport. Planned. Done. At around 7:30 we were ready (equipped with breakfast) in hour car, heading out to pick the last of us five up from his house.

Good Morning ;)
Since it's autumn and we're in Vancouver it had to rain. Naturally.But since we all happened to have lived here for a couple of month by now, who cares about a little bit of rain ;)

Driving, driving, driving...not pictured: The music, the singing (me quietly in the front :P) and all those cameras :D
 We made it to the border quick but had to wait there pretty long to pay our 6$ to cross.

waiting in line....
After some minor complications (they definitely need a few more signs...) we drove for another 1 1/2 - 2 hours and finally arrived in gray and rainy Seattle.

First sight
Downtown by car, trying to find the actual downtown
After some circles and confusing answers to confusing questions we made it to a parking garage. And if someone asks: Yes! We needed the large parking space!

Seattle reminded me in many ways of Vancouver, though I think I like Vancouver better. But on the other hand: I spent one day in Seattle and three month in it might not be this accurate ;)
After discovering that the blue trees were under construction we headed to the first Information Map we could find to organize our day.

Under construction...
Where to go to
We wanted to see the Public Market, the first Starbucks and do some shopping. Oh, and have lunch! (It was around 12 and we got up early, remember!?)

The Public Market seemed like the perfect place to have lunch, so there we went...

discovering small in between streets...
Passing the first Starbucks on our way...though we couldn't really bother to go in...hence a loooong long line!

And we found a nice spot for our lunch. Sitting outside (even though it was cold). I liked those tin cans as plant holders :)
And with freshly filled stomachs: More sightseeing!

Can you see the ferris wheel!?
Here it is ;P
A busy Public Market from the inside...
Colours and greens and sweets and crafts...everything...
We left the public Market for some shopping and a coffee break afterwards. And I went into my first Anthropology store EVER! And I looooooved it!...much to the disadvantage of my friends...sorry....
And while shopping we remembered that we once had heard of something called a gum wall. A gum wall! Well sure we had to find that one! Turned out we had to walk all the way back to the public market...but oh well! We made it ;)
It was...gross. (Sorry) But interesting.

Some artistic girls
wondering what all those blotches are?!
well let's get a bit closer...
The clouds disappeared during our afternoon...leaving us with a beautiful sky in the evening. Seattle.

And since we didn't go on top of it, we took at least some nice pictures of it! Skyline of Seattle.

And back we went. Waiting hours again at the border, returning the car and all trying to catch our last buses and skytrains. But definitely a wonderful day!

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