Dienstag, 20. November 2012

Some every-day things {life at its normal stage}

So after I finally caught up with the last weeks posts I wanted to catch up with a bit more recent stuff. With a 40 hours work week it's all about the small in-betweens that make your life ;)

Raphael loves to jump into pictures.......
Back from Saturday in Seattle: I did not really point out at how much I enjoyed shopping in Anthropology. Well now I did! Oh...and can you see how much the others did (apart from jumping into pictures which were actually supposed to display all this awesome kitchen stuff...which I want in my non-existing kitchen right now!) Anyway. They survived ;)
(And my cup I bought accompanies me every day now)

I love my breakfast muesli each morning. Fruits and yogurt and nuts and jam and granola...so much goodness in one bowl! And since it's all sugar reduced, high in protein and fibre (well take out the jam) but apart from that: It's also healthy! Yay!

The weather is...the way everyone expects it to be. No news here.

Nice decoration in one of the shops in Gastown (actually my phone wallpaper right now...) and they were filming fringe right in front of my work just the other day! Walking past officers and vintage dressed people on my way to get coffee definitely adds up to the whole break-experience!

Thinking about buying a new black dress...but I'm not really satisfied yet. So still looking :)

Apart from that it's really getting dark now early. Gone are the days of sunshine and T-shirts. Though cozy evenings at home with a book and some hot honey-ginger-lemon water have definitely something as well. Have a good start in your new week :)