Samstag, 24. November 2012

Saturday {Jogging, fog and a bit of sun}

The week is done and I went super early to sleep on Friday (super early like 8PM early!!) so as a result of that I was also super early awake this morning.
My life before always consisted of a lot of moving.I would walk/ride my bicycle to school, I would go for a walk through downtown later/run some errands/walk through Stanley park/waterfront/... I was always moving. So I never really felt the urge to do extra sport. Guess who feels like some extra sport lately!

Sitting 40 hours a week is hard for me. I try to fit in as much exercise I can. I look for coffee shops not too close to my work, I drive two bus stops more than I have to just to walk a bit but it's still not enough. So I went jogging this morning. Bright and early.

Still pretty dark...
It is nice to be out early when no one else is awake yet. And it was foggy. Foggy means this special kind of silence. The one which makes you feel good :)

Also very rare: An empty street in front of our house...
Park benches and fallen leaves
I also went to buy stuff I need. Sport and To-Do's! What do you want more! And on my way back the sky already looked much more pleasant...

Pink and a bit of blue
Water droplets
By now the sun is shining (at least it's peaking thorugh the clouds occasionally), everyone else is up as well and I'll be heading to the Christmas market in Yaletown. My first one this year! Yay for the upcoming Christmas!
I wish you all a wonderful weekend and lots of coziness :)

Listening to:
  • Lenka - Everything at once
  • OneRepublic - Feel Again
  • Rihanna - Diamonds
  • Justin Bieber (I can't belive it either, I know) - As Long As You Love Me
  • Mumford & Sons - The Cave


  1. :) den ganz oben kenne ich :) Wo war das genau?
    Anyways ich freu mich auf dich Ati, ciao du und genieße Kanada :D