Mittwoch, 14. November 2012

Stanley Park {My saturday}

Because I like things in order, here comes my Saturday before my Seattle-Monday:

After this crazy last week we decided to just meet with friends and take a walk through Stanley park on Saturday. (Also introducing my friends new camera to the world!!!)
The weather was awesome from Monday to Saturday so we got to enjoy this last day to the fullest!

It was weird to walk through Stanley Park again. The last time I did it, it was summer, wonderful hot (I was wearing shorts) and we headed to the beach for swimming. Now I was wearing jeans, three layers of sweaters, leg warmers, cloves a scarf...and I was still cold.
Two month. It seams more like a year.

The Lost Lagoon
Happy new camera owner ♥
Haha they know I sneak up on people from behind
"Stop! Feet picture!"..."did she just say stop feet picture?!"...Jep she totally did ;)
Because I find shoes everywhere in Canada!
Because I find shoes everywhere in Canada!
Ha! Even though it's cold and I'm wearing jeans!
Wood Crocodile
I think I like autumn...sometimes...:)
Down down to the water....
...where the sun says goodbye....

We headed to Starbucks afterwards to warm up with tea and coffee (and that took quite a while, believe me!) and I had a birthday dinner with friends afterwards. Lazy weekends are the best. And the one you spend with friends ♥