Sonntag, 11. November 2012

This week {What I've learned so far}

It's Saturday morning. My heater is on the sun is shining in my room and I'm done with my week. It wasn't an easy week I have to admit. It was actually the most difficult week since I came here. But... is not just always easy. have to step out of your comfort zone to grow. is also ok to break down and be weak and to cry.
...allow it to be shit (sorry) but also give it a new try after it. Close it. accept it as what it was and start over again. Everything should get a second chance!
...friends are the most important thing in life. They will always be there for you. They are the ones who catch you when you fall and comfort you when you can't!

...and last but not least: It's never totally dark! There is always a tiny bit of light! You just have to find it! 

 So much about what I've learned this week. I woke up this morning even before 7!! (The first day I could have slept long..and what do I do...wake up before everyone else is up. But oh well). So I made myself a healthy yummy breakfast (After I was shopping this week), started my mails, watched the sun rise ♥, started my laundry and thought things over.

And this is what my week now looks like: (Sorry for so many phone pictures it's just so more convenient than carrying my big camera around with me all the time. But promise: There are two posts already waiting including high quality camera pictures!)

To work in the morning...and back when it's dark...
To brighten up my mood on Tuesday...or was in Wednesday?!...Starbucks (with the Red cups!)...oh and I fell in love with those cute snowman cookies :D
Oscar ♥...this is what he does to you when you eat :D
Shopping after work on Thursday (can u tell I had a cold?!) and sushi afterwards
Waiting while my Chai is in preparation...well waiting to be done...after all the thousand customers are served who came before I did....*sight*
We found out this huge educational gap of mine at work: I didn't know Dill Pickle Chips! The guys took care of that one :D (and Ketchup Chips!)
Some Hockey on Friday! Go!
And my breakfast this morning, just because I think it's so good that it should be mentioned: Banana with Greek yogurt nuts, cherries, muesli and honey. Yummines! ♥

 It was a challenge. I took it. I survived. Bring on the next week! ;)


  1. :) mission accomplished, awaiting next level.

  2. schöne kleine Lichtblicke! und die Handyphotos gefallen mir gut! Ich wünsch dir einen guten Erholungstag und dann eine bessere zweite Woche! Hab dich lieb