Freitag, 30. November 2012


With the coffee pictures from my break today (my coffee habits just got worse...because now it's not just what's keeping me awake but also what's getting me outside! Remember...I work in a basement.....) comes some deep thinking. One of my friends posted this today on facebook:

"It seems everyone I know right now is going through change in life or searching for their purpose in some way. Is this what some believe the Mayans meant for dec 21, in that we will be ushering in a new intellectual or spiritual era for mankind? Or are we ALWAYS going through change and searching for answers...and dec 21 is just another Friday?? Whatever the case, it seems that 2013 is highly anticipated :) wonder what's coming for all of us?"

We all change.
And need to readjust.
And find out what we want.
Have cool new makeover-ideas for our life (just to do two steps actually and than come up with a new plan).
That's good and it's normal.

The only difference: If we go with awareness through life, we actually notice that we change. And others do as well. But apart from that, I think it might as well just always happen.

So much for deep thoughts. Unrelated to that: I ate waaays too much stuff tonight. It was one of those days... 


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