Samstag, 14. April 2012


Just a short in between post.
I stayed up last night (or should I say better: till this morning) late and woke up at bright and early (at least bright and early for Holiday times...anyway I should stop all those in between sentences...) at 8 o'clock.

Now I sit with an already drunken cup of special coffee (Coffee powder, chocolate powder and Goldsaft sounds strange but it's so yum! And so waking!) in front of my Laptop ready to finish my Art-Work. Though of course I found time to sneak in a little blog-reading-round.
And this is why I actually write.
See this post and this one?! I'm stunned every time at how wonderful some of those blogs out there manage to motivate and formulate simple things of life in a true and precious way (or how there is this little hidden note behind some textes).
It is inspiring to see that everyone has his or her own big dreams. That it is true: Dreams are not easy to fulfill. But that it is also true: Just start and fight for them. It will be worth it.
It makes me somehow content and confident looking forward to my own future.
One could easily say that it will be hard. The world is changing rapidly. Things are going down at so many places. There are endless stations you could focus on and not believe in a happy ending.
But on the other side. No one ever said it would be easy. Still. Fight for what you think is important and focus on a change to the positive site.
And I'm happy to realize that I am able to do this and that I have the possibilities to do so.

Strange what a morning can do to you.

they would never ever concentrate on anything but the sun
btw: I sent my application to canada! I know that it is ways to early but I already started checking my inbox every day. And I also will sent my hostfamily forms today. Things are getting closer! (Only four month!) You would not think I did all of this before.

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