Montag, 30. April 2012

DIY {A little box for everything}

To make your Monday more enjoyable (whops! That even was an alliteration. I could also say: To make my Monday more enjoyable...anyway. Enough of that^^°) here is a little DIY.

Fun. Easy and fast!
Which is because I still have to squeeze in some vacuuming, piano lessons, cat-time, visa stuff and "Baby"sitting.
Here we go.

A little box for everything.
You'll need:
  • little box (Though I'd think any size would work)
  • masking tape
  • Scissors
  • compass
  • photo
  • glue
Deciding which colour combinations I do like the most...
And this is what you do:
Wrap your box in washi tape.
Measure the size of your lid with your compass. Cut.

I only did the inner circle
Glue to the top (I also did the back. However this is optional)
Enjoy you little box for everything :)

Now my desk is a little bit less cluttered and I can also enjoy a little dot of colours and patterns (to which I'm addicted anyway)
So back to vacuuming and my piano. Happy Monday :)

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