Montag, 2. April 2012

Embrace the moment

I'm in sort of a happy-I-could-embrace-the-world-mood. Shopping does that to me (at least if you find two enormous awesome leather bags totally on sale and three nice tops (on sale as well) and some wonderful fruity body butter).
But it's also the fact that I realize how much life is a gift. How awesome it is to realize that you exist right now at this moment, not thinking about the past or future but just right now. It makes me dizzy.

I wish I could keep this moment in a jar. Preserve it for some times I'll need this feeling. But to write it down and share it has to be enough. And as long as I remember how beautiful life actually is (after you passed all your little worries) this will be enough.

This sums it up pretty much

Or, for those of you who know the movie Tangled (One of my absolute favourites!!!!): I feel like Rapunzel in her high-mood-moments when she finally leaves the tower ;)

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