Dienstag, 10. April 2012

my weekend

Easter was spent at my Grandpas this year. We arrived on Friday and returned yesterday.
It was my first longer stay after my grandma died last year. I got a little emotional the the first evening in her sewing-room because everything reminded me of her (So I sneaked out three wooden yarn bobbins. Crazy I know. But that's something I can take with me).
Nevertheless every place was connected with a memory of her and some activities we did, back when I visited them as a child.

My Grandma died last years after she fought breast cancer for two years. I hope she is happy wherever she is right now.

Otherwise I did a lot of walking as long as the weather was good enough (though it was freezing the whole time), we ate a lot of really delicious things (all vegetarian!) and I finished my Canada Application Form which will find its way out today (Yay for that one!).

wonderful, wide and open

walking by myself in the morning

walking with my aunt

Grüne Sauße ♥

Right now I'm happy to be home again cuddling my little Blue (well, she's sleeping on my lap. I count that as cuddling....) and doing some cleaning.
It's not as cold as it was at my grandpas and the sun is shining (though there are enough heavy clouds to stop it soon).
Now I'm off to some more work and looking for delicious recipes to make with a friend of mine this afternoon.

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