Sonntag, 22. April 2012

My bloody Friday {a story of little boys}

So I said I'd post yesterday (Sunday is just such a weird day to post) but since there are other things, waiting to be posted, I just went with Sunday rather than Monday.

I really really had planned to do it yesterday but my attempt to squeeze in as much as possible in one day ended with a huuuuuge headache and nausea so I had to cut it short.

Anyway. My bloody Friday story.
As I already mentioned I took care of the kids from 2 to 10. Pretty long if you ask me but I love them and what is better than to spent time with those you love?!

I was able to spend some quality time with the oldest first since the other two were outside chasing eachother and having pretended-real-fights.
When the youngest returned I started my oh-so-well-planned-slimy-project. And it was awesome!
I did not really have a recipe but just started mixing and looking out for the right consistency.
Also, I could not really believe that this would work out so I didn't promise anything before. I just said I wanted to try something out.

(before this gets too detailed in what I've planned and what I didn't look at the fun we had!)

Looks like fun, doesn't it!? And All you need is:
  • Corn starch (we had 500gr.)
  • water (try out for the right consistency)
  • pieces of old newspaper
  • something to stir
It will not be easy to stir towards the end. So don't be worried.
 And it really worked out the way I imagined it. You can totally punch this slimy-something and it will be hard as...well not a rock but hard like...dough? But if you go in slowly it is heavenly slimy.
This it what it looked at the end

Don't worry. I cleaned up perfectly :)

We also had another science experiment from the oldest. Though he needs to explain it to me again because I don't think I really got it...

The blood part happened towards the end of the day. 
The younger one (not the youngest) was out for some carving. Just the moment the youngest one had decided to join him, he returned. He was totally calm. There were no tears. So I actually discovered the blood only the moment he stood in front of me. And there was blood. A lot of blood.

Problem. I can't see blood. Or smell.
Well. I handled it like a hero. I put him to the toilet straight, got out all the first aid stuff and...went to friends for help. 
They only live three houses down and there was already a blood trace, also I was sure they were a lot more help than I was. 
I returned to the soothing part and held him when he felt dizzy. He was so brave!

Now I know how to handle cuts. Like in real, not just theoretically.
(Though I hope I handle the blood part better next time. Or there might just better not be a next time...?!)

It's impressive how a small cut can create that much blood...

Enough of blood anyway. The rest was a piece of cake compared to that.

And because it's already Sunday, here are the pictures of my week (belated)

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