Montag, 23. April 2012

Luminale 2012

I had to write something new after the title that would jump at me each time I'd open my blog would be "bloody Friday"...though it actually fits my mood right now.
Our weather is a wild bunch of everything. Hail, Rain, Sun, Storm...all in one day. Let me just say that this does not help in improving your mood.

Anyway before this gets too depressing, one of the posts from last week:

So here we go. One of the posts which I could not squeeze in last week...

We went to visit the Luminale in Frankfurt on Wednesday. It's an installation of light projects spread across the city. It can mean a simple installation of different coloured lights or those with which interacting is possible.
There were tons of people walking around, holding there cameras and chatting happily. And so many really kind ones. All in all: Something worth remembering.

The rest is better in pictures I think :)
This guy was stalking me with his camera. So I stalked back :D

This one worked as a sort of gigantic ring-the-bell thing (Just so you get an idea about the interacting...)

changing there colour slowly...

this one was definitely my favourite. It was an installation of sound, water, smoke and...of course...light!

I'll go searching for my good mood again. I'm confident it will be successful....

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