Freitag, 13. April 2012

Gooey goodness

This is so yum!

Cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing. Doesn't that sound amazing?

I've found the recipe here.
It asked for a Hot Roll mix. First: I did not really know if we've got something like that (Probably) and second: I don't like working with "ready mixtures".

So for the dough, we just went with a basic yeast one (I used this one).
I did it with a good friend but we were making quiche as well and being hungry and chatty and all of this we did not really made many pictures. Anyway, the actual link (the first one) will show you a detailed step by step instruction.

well, there are a few steps pictured at least ^^'
I loved it. It is sweet (but not too sweet since I made a basic yeast dough), gooey, moist...just awesome. Definitely a keeper.

 A few side notes:
  • when you pour in your caramel mixture: Best thing is to have the rolls already cut and everything so you just have to place them. Otherwise the caramel will harden quickly and it won't combine as good as it might be possible.
  • I recommend doing the doubled icing portion. 
  • I worried about the caramel which seemed quite hard at the beginning. After some time, some of your icing will reach the bottom and will make it more "creamy"
  • Best thing at how to eat it: Warm it in your microwave and enjoy it hot with some vanilla ice cream. Heaven!
And because it's another weeks Friday, my weekly photos

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