Samstag, 28. April 2012

Design your mobile skin {the 2nd}

Good Morning :)

If this would have an O-Tone installation you would hear me sing. Since it doesn't, imagine it (or better not...)

I'm up early, watching the sun rise, listening to the birds (and the complaints of my cat...) and organizing my day in my head.
Since everybody is still asleep I just thought I sneak in a post. There is still enough time to do the kitchen things after that.

Sometimes There are so many moments in life which I'd love to be able to freeze them. To put them in a jar for later. A smell, a tune, a picture (well that does actually work to some extends) a little something. Right now it would be the smell of sunbathed grass, still a little moist from the night mixed with a hint of blooming flowers and dirt.
Or picture of insects in the air, highlighted by the sun like little dots in a picture of yellow and green.

Since we don't want to read poems so early in the morning (or write some) I'll stop here and introduce my newest little project (There's always time for projects right?!)

My "Design your mobile the 2nd".
And again it is so easy. There is already a sort of "tutorial" in my DIY section but since I think I've improved I just post it as well.

You'll need:
  • stuff you like
  • a camera
  • good light
Arrange your stuff, take a photo, crop it. Done. (You know I'm joking. It isn't a real tutorial anyway. More like an inspiration) So here you go with inspiration:

I mainly worked with doilies, fabric, lace, ribbons and a few little random things. I started out with plain and took photos during the process (randomly. Just when I liked something). At the end I cropped all and picked out my favourite.

Turned out it was this one :) though it had some tough competition with the yellow flowers ones...

I ordered mine at I had used this one already last time and I was totally satisfied with their work. Applying is a little bit tricky but you'll handle that one too.
And now I love my phone even more :)

Update: I found this picture and just had to post it. It does match well with my start, doesn't it?!


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