Donnerstag, 19. April 2012


...your electronic drawer.

I did this last week but thought I might just share it now.
Quick, easy and soooo comfortable for my future.

This is what my electronic drawer looked after I sort of went through all the stuff, already neatly arranged in little piles. (Believe me, anything else but already arranged piles would have shocked you to death!)

I made 10 piles, ergo I needed 10 little sacks. I just went for fabric I hadn't used for a while and sewed non-complicated bags. They don't have any lining or other fancy things. My main aspect was to have something fast and easy.

I also painted a little card for myself (well I painted. You could just easily use fabric scraps. I was too busy painting to realise that....)

So know I just have to grab my card, look out for the right fabric and that's it. It's also already neatly packed for any travel or visit.
No longer looking out for the right stuff!


  1. that is THE most awesome thing I saw all week! Doing this tonight after tutoring !!! I love you <33

  2. haha, sowas ähnliches hatte ich demnächst auch vor! Und die Anleitung dazu! XD super!
    lg, Hanna