Dienstag, 17. April 2012

Paint your boring white

I found it. I found the stuff I'll do for the rest of my life.

Ok. I'm kidding. But I just love it! And it's so simple.

Here is what you need:

Sorry for this bad lightning. It was late (really late) but I still thought: Orange pictures are better than no pictures at all, aren't they?
  • Something white (well plain. Could be yellow, green, blue...)
  • fabric paint
  • cardboard
  • Ideas
Get some ideas. (I heard they are floating through the air non-stop....)
Place cardboard between your T-shirt layers. Start.
I might say that this is the hardest part. Having this plain white shirt in front of you and knowing that everything you'll do will show. Well. Skip your fear. It will be worth it.
(I made a few sketches before on how I wanted my lettering. Everything else came up while I painted)

It's not perfect but I still like it as a first. Next thing I'll do is run to the next store, buy 10 plain things and paint for the rest of the day :D

P.S.: Don't forget the ironing part at the end (My paint requested it) but be sure to read your specific paint instructions first. 

P.P.S.: Life just goes on. I'll have my communication exam tomorrow. (Still need to learn for that). The weather is...funny. My cat sleeps on my lap (It sounds like she does it all the time, doesn't it?!). I'm doing a little bit of a room-make-over.  And I'm actually a quite happy Person.

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