Freitag, 8. März 2013

Where we live {Ghosaldanga}

The project I'm in right now includes two villages in the middle of nowhere outside of Shantiniketan: Bishnubati and Ghosaldanga. While the last volunteer Jakob lived in Bishnubati, Marie and I are sharing a little house with one Indian student (his family lives in the village as well) in Ghosaldanga.

It is a bit 'outside' (not much. About 10 m but all the other houses are built right next to each other so 'outside' sort of fits) next to the school building, a little water pump and a small toilet hut. The last two are shared with the rest of the village or whoever passes.
The house consists of two small rooms, though they are not entirely separated. Two beds, a mirror and a cupboard.

Absolutely necessary: Mosquito nets! Otherwise: My bed on the left and Marie's on the right. Our locker stands right next to the door (right corner) and we have a small mirror on the left side. Simple but it works just fine.
Right next to the rice fields
Simple setup. Thanks so much mum for my toilet bag ♥
Making tea in the morning (black tea that is, with tons and tons of sugar). I had to learn how to use the gas cooker, I know, probably quite emberassing but I'm past caring
And shoes usual ;)
We have about the only house built out of bricks. The rest uses clay.

Passing a little pond when we leave and reach our small village.
Oh and cows of course!
Yay for Indian bicycles...well more on that later.
Straight and than left...lalala (normally there are a lot of...leftovers...from all the animals. They just swept all the streets here.
We do have cows, pigs, goats, cats, dogs and ducks. Apart from the cows everything is walking around freely
So much to where we live...oh and there are mosquitoes! 'waaaays' too many!

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