Montag, 18. März 2013

One day out {Shantiniketan}

Weil ich im Grunde nur über die Schule schreiben könnte (und nur Schule wäre ein bisschen langweilig oder?!) Geht es heute mal nach Shantiniketan.
Immer Samstags (oder Sonntags...haha so viel zu vertraulich sicheren Informationen) gibt es hier einen kleinen Markt für Handwerkliches. Und man braucht ja Geschenke für zu Hause!! Also schnappten wir beide uns unsere geliebten weil so verlässlichen Fahrräder und machten uns auf den Weg. (Note: Niemals duschen bevor man sich mit dem Fahrrad irgendwohin auf den Weg macht!!)

We so did use the opportunity to use a tiny bit of mascara for once. Ha! (Oh and I'm not dresses appropriate in this picture! It was our "we don't care where we are so we dress like we want...sort of" get asked by people guys frequently if they can take a picture together with you though
We didn't care. Because...there was aaaaall this incredible cute and colorful stuff!
Indian bikes...of course! (I love that they have character...and that's about the only thing you can love)
I love how everything (everything!) is outside
I had thought that this was about it...who would know you had to go through this (above) to get to the second(!) part of the now, you know!
Being all girly and taking pictures...I'm doing this with my huge dslr! I did get some muscles over time just by taking all those pictures ;)
Colors ♥
It's funny to see this picture get so used to being the only European girl (kinda)
And Marie bought this. The (honestly!) best coconut pancakes/crepes I ever tasted!! We're thinking about recreating them....
And back home....


  1. A taste of India...Reminds me of the campaign of the Indian Tourist Board here in GB: India, incredible India...

    1. haha I saw those boards on the airport when I arrived :D (In Kolkatta) it really looks a bit like it.